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About Us

about-imgThe ANGOLA ASSOCIATED LINK, LLC, – ANGOLINK WEB PAGE (ALWP) is an initiative of ANGOLINK’s Programme supported by its founder, aimed at contributing to the technological empowerment of web users, by means of the introduction of technological tools and resources to help achieve its goals.

ANGOLINK is the exact acronym for “Angola Associated Link,” which in turn translates for the need to networking Angola and the internet, sharing the benefits of the internet. Even though there are several methods to connect with users, we are essentially focusing on connecting entrepreneurial resources, technology, education, marketing and other business tools.

The ANGOLINK WEB PAGE ALWP began in 2010 to assist Angolan end users with on-line tools and promote, inspire, facilitate the use of the internet, the computer and others existing information technology instruments. This means we are helping to bridge people with people, people with business, people with government institutions, business to business and business to government institutions by means of internet use. Put simply, our aim is to facilitate interaction among local internet users by means of information technology tools currently available.

The ALWP Program Model is a concept developed and coordinated by its owner and teams of Angolan youth, who envision a great opportunity to explore the use of internet in almost every fields of life. This program is experimental however, we trust that your positive ideas that are posted here become a contributing factor to help the program to expand. We will do the necessary adjustments required to meet the standards gradually.

ALWP is primarily adapted to the Angolan end user, however, the internet and information technology fields turn it virtually impossible to set on-line boundaries so to speak. In other words the indirect users of this program stem from across the world.

The ALWP is designed as a one-stop-shop and online platform providing integrated and comprehensive range of products and services. The areas covered extends from business, technological, educational, marketing, enterprise, and consulting, using a “hands-on” approach. We offer a mix of services and/or products including but not limited to following:

  • Educational entrepreneurial and management related;
  • Educational tools for individual end users;
  • Crafting business opportunities identification;
  • Consulting with business plans preparations;
  • Management advisory and extension services;
  • Help find sourcing of credit for feasible projects or ideas;
  • Promote innovation discussions;
  • Assistance in developing subcontracting linkages between local SMEs and large corporations;
  • Assistance in developing linkages with foreign companies;
  • Technology upgrading and enhancement;
  • Export development;
  • Technology products offer;
  • Tailoring specific technological training on contemporary technologies and issue;
  • Promote good innovation technologies;
  • Serve as a platform for seeking/finding solutions (products and services);
  • Lost and found where appropriate;
  • Did you know, (a page that posts remarkable informative issues of general nature);
  • Reminder (tips about basic educational knowledge that are essential to recall and apply in a day to day affairs);
  • Postage of laws, regulations and journals that are essential for business affairs by means of sharing informational related issues;
  • Serve as a platform for share humanitarian informational issues;
  • Other relevant innovative issues

The distinctive feature of the ANGOLINK MODEL is the systematic process for identifying and developing innovative approaches that will be constantly applied and shared with the web users, who seek to open their information technology scope, share their experience, promote the good, contribute positively to the betterment of the on-line community and others as well as to those that are inspired to expand their know how in the fields where materials will be posted.

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