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Procurement, Transportation and Storage


The Angolink’s Business Consulting package encompasses a wider range of consulting services tailored to meet customer’s needs. We strive to offer services with a competitive advantage in a market focused on delivering both exceptional service to end customers, and market-leading returns. Because we live a globalized sort of market, we seek to adopt international standards practices adjusted to the local reality in each of the sectors we work at. This is done by means of exploring market opportunities driven by globalization, consolidation and the use of new technology.


The main objective of this service is to assist customers with appropriate mechanisms to facilitating international and local procurements of goods and services, importation procedures, customs-clearing and transportation into local destinations.

We bring an extended experience in procurement procedures both in international and local markets. Through our network of suppliers and alliances across the globe, we can virtually meet your needs by filling in expertise gaps and arranging transportation, customs-clearing, transportation and store at local level.

Our experience cover the following fields:

  • Good experience with Angolan laws on importation and customs systems
  • We have a clear picture of Luanda as a market, its peoples, culture, services and suppliers
  • Capacity to import from international markets, namely USA, Europe, South Africa, Namibia and Asia
  • Knowledge of the Angolan market
  • Working relationship and experience with NGOs, the Private Sector, Government Entities, UN Systems
  • Our model is based on few easy approaches:

    • Understand your needs and requirements
    • Leverage an extensive network of contacts around the world with expertise
    • Assess the viability on both ends of supply and demand sides, with specific focus seeks products and services that address customers requirements to achieve their priorities


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