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Websites and Information Technology Management

Introduction info-tec

The Angolink’s Business Consulting package encompasses a wider range of consulting services tailored to meet customer’s needs. We strive to offer services at competitive advantage, focused on delivering both exceptional service to end customers, and market-leading returns. Because we live a globalized world market, we seek to bring about technological tools that enhance your businesses identity, turning it into a more visible to the outside world. We accomplish this by means of exploring new ways to marketing your business via one of most potential environments – the internet.


To help your business share its presence in one of most important market environments – the internet.

We understand we’re leaving in digital and technological age. Unfortunately, not all companies benefits or have a share in this fast growing market opportunity – the internet, nor they have the technological means and capabilities to mark their territories. Lack of expertise associated to language barriers, limited funds among others; pose some of the constraints preventing companies from participating in information technology revolution.

Angolink is helping businesses to craft their potentials and mark their presence on the World Wide Web by means of:

  • Website drafting and design
  • Website assessment needs
  • Website domain registration
  • Website hosting
  • Website search engine optimization
  • Development of other information technology tools for marketing and management purposes

Today, the need for new integrated offerings and the development of scalable services that satisfy customers’ requirements and specifications urge the use of modern technology. The use of new technology platforms also contribute to reduced costs that are disruptive to incumbent businesses thus helping them become more operationally effective.


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