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Translation Services

tr-imgANGOLINK has a proven and track-record translation experience backdating well over a decade. Our experience in this field dates back the early years of 2000 when we began providing support for the NGOs and Government institutions. Soon after, the range of clientele expanded to a great deal of private Companies and Corporations and the United Nations Agencies.

Available Fields of Translation

Our range of translation services encompasses areas such as:

1. Conference Interpretation Packagestr-img1

Under this feature, we readily provide professional and qualified translators to carry on interpretations at conferences, workshops, meetings lectures and similar events in order to fully service the clients’ needs and requirements.

There are no two similar events, therefore, each event requires a unique and specific preparation and set up to meet the required needs.

2. Translations’ Packagestr-img2

In many cases your message needs to be heard because of the importance and urgency. However this is not always possible because languages barriers pose trade-offs. If this is your case, seat back and relax, we offer translations’ packages. This mix of services cover translation of books, reports, minutes, agendas, educational materials as well as any other form of written documents, audios, videos, voice prompts, ads and others. Please contact us to discuss your specific required features to help us adjust accordingly.

3. Tours and Escorts Packagestr-img3

This feature is mainly designed and suitable for a single individual looking for a private translator, although it also works good in the case of groups, with similar translation/interpretation needs. By offering a qualified translator/interpreter, your tour requirements (personal or group) will be met as you take advantage of having a private knowledgeable professional that will help you dig deep your understanding of local culture, peoples, sightseeing, landscapes and much more of the area.

4. Personal Translations/Interpretation and Tailored Designed Packages

This is designed uniquely for one person. The service includes translations/interpretation and can be fully adjusted and meet personal requirements.

Translations Focus

languae-imgWe focus mainly in translating from English – Portuguese and Portuguese – English, although we may arrange to perform translations of major languages such as French and Spanish. An advance notice is required to allow us structure translations other than EnglishPortuguese languages. A special fee may apply based on the nature and complexity of the activity to carry out.

Translations/Interpretations’ Main Fields

Throughout years of experience the main fields of translations/interpretation have indicated as follows:

# Translation Field Specifics Remarks
1 Business Related Teleconferencing among countries; Incorporation dossiers; business laws and regulations; human resources packages; business plans; brand registrations; tours, workshops and contracts.
2 United Nations’ Agencies Related Teleconferencing, economic reports, researches, studies, workshops, meetings, forms and tours.
3 NGOs Mostly forms, research studies, workshops, exchanges, reports, organizational plans, project proposals and meetings.
4 Governments Reports, workshops, documents, laws and regulations, social and economic studies and meetings.
5 Individuals Documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, forms, CVs, diplomas, presentation letters, reference letters, court documents, Immigration documents, power of attorneys, clinical trials, health reports, medical records and others.
6 Technological Related Tech prompts, videos, audios, documents, files, tech journals and applications.
7 Educational Related Teleconferencing, workshops, meetings, books, papers, researches, magazines, journals, informational documents, exchanges, pamphlets, tracts and more.


Translations/Interpretations’ Business Ethics

We conduct our businesses highly ethical and responsibly. We want to assure our customers that we take seriously the principles of confidentiality and ethics when handling the assignments your entrust us.

Mission Statementmission-img

Our mission statement is to strive to offer you with a quality and tailored translation/interpretation that meets your specific requirements.


Our translations/interpretations’ objectives is aimed at pulling together human and technological resources to facilitate your translation, comprehension, understanding interpretation, analyses, written, graphic and exchange needs, thus mitigating language barriers among individuals, organizations, businesses, governments and peoples.

Our Translations/Interpretations’ Procedures

We have simplified our modus operandi to facilitate interaction with customers. The following steps must be adhered to:

  • Upon receiving your outlined details we shall send you a quote based on the nature, complexity and urgency of your required job;
  • We strive to offer competitive prices while the job is done in house. In cases where translations/interpretations cannot be done in house, we shall notify you on the available options through our networks. Only after that the work is initiated.
  • Upon completion, a revision process takes places to ensure compliance, and the first draft is then submitted for your appraisal. Based on your feedback and recommendations if any, we make necessary adjustments.
    The job is then shared to a trusted independent source to make sure the understanding reflects as closer as possible the one expressed from the original language.
  • The final version is then presented to the customer.


Our Main Customers include the following:

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