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Group Travel


grp-trvlThe tourism industry is one of the growing industries with greater potentials in years to come. In many countries, tourism and related activities account for a big chunk of the total GDP. Individuals and group of peoples are tapping new opportunities to familiarize themselves with new cultures and environments.

Due to development in technology, modern transportation availability and markets networking, it is no longer uncommon to be born in one place, study in another, work in third place, invest in a forth one and even enjoying vacations in far reaching places.


The objective of this service is to assist customers with their travel needs, and ancillary services.

Although it seemingly appears travel to easy and affordable, unfortunately that is not always the case. International travelers still face cultural, economical and language barriers, posing a great deal of obstacles to their travel plans.

In order to help mitigate this problem, we help individual travelers with tips and suggestions that are peculiar for successful visa applications, hotel booking, car rental, safety tips, risk mitigation while overseas and much more.

The scope of this service is not limited to the following:

  • Assistance with documentation preparation for visa applications
  • Provide tips and suggestions helping to successfully visa applications
  • Hotel bookings
  • Car rentals
  • Pre arrange meetings and additional contacts in the country of travel
  • Facilitate communications in country of travel
  • Safety tips
  • Awareness workshops, training and counseling on cultural and local aspects
  • Other services


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